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Who is Hakamme?

Hakamme is Emma HÃ¥kansson.
There are very many Emma HÃ¥kanssons in the world, so Emma made up a name for herself. You can call her either - she does, too.

Hakamme is an activist, a vegan, a writer, an artist, a creative director, a model, an ethics consultant and the founder of Willow Creative Co, an ethical content production
and consultation agency.

Hakamme works for a world in which all fashion is ethical, sustainable, vegan fashion.

Hakamme works for a vegan world; a world free of animal exploitation, where animals are seen as beings, not property. Hakamme holds strongly as an objective truth, that there is no humane way to kill someone who does not want to die.

Hakamme believes we have a responsibility to stand for all those who are vulnerable.
The marginalised, children, animals.

Hakamme believes it is never wrong to be kind.